The city of Indianapolis faces a crisis. Children and young people are faced with making adult decisions in deteriorating circumstances. Turning Point is located at 46th and Post Road in an area that is one of the most high crime areas in Indianapolis. The east side of Indianapolis has a disproportionate amount of Marion County families in need of help due to juvenile crimes, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, drug trafficking and violence. The Turning Point Youth Leadership Program (YLP) exists as an oasis of hope and training for youth who not only want to be successful themselves, but who want to have a positive impact on their community. YLP exists to propel youth into effective leadership through service learning. Youth experience meaningful teaching, interactive activities and community outreach opportunities to encourage a lifestyle of leadership. YLP meetings occur one Saturday per month from March to December with intermittent activities between those dates as well. Young ladies ages 6-16 and young men ages 8-16 are encouraged to join. In 2015, we are also mentoring young adults ages 17-24 by pairing them with professionals in fields they hope to study and teaching them life skills.


Checks should be made out to: Turning Point and please reference YLP. All donations go directly to meet the needs of the Community as we have no paid staff. Donations are tax-deductible. Your sponsorship and support are greatly appreciated as we partner together to empower the youth in our community to succeed by helping to build a strong foundation centered on Christ. 



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4501 N. Post Road, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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